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Writer of all trades--master of parts. Lover of all things that come between the covers. Purveyor of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction going head-to-head with womanhood and trouble. Repeat miscarrier, mother to a son born at 22 weeks with severe fetal anomalies and a living daughter, perpetual author of novels in progress, and general lost cause in search of hope amidst loss.

All good stories begin--whether written down or silently--with the words "Once upon a time." This blog starts right there, at the first word of the first story. It's an open sketchbook, a grocery list of thinking, openings for stories of truth and lies (or both). These pages recognize the unfinished, the just begun, and the unexpected turn; they reserve the right to stray or tarry but always hope for fullness and carriage through. They hold no truck in happy endings. But still, they've come here to live, even if imperfectly made, and so matter unto themselves.

(Photo by Federico Harald Ganss, through Stock.xchng.)