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This post, so brief, made me cry.


There is land, sweetie, and until you get there, we can all ring around together and make a floaty for you...


The images conjured by your words are beautiful. Peace.


An eloquent and beautiful depiction of this wonderful community of women (and men)! Thank you so much for sharing your words!


Even though I was warned that this might make me cry, it still did. Powerfully and unexpectedly. Thank you for your beautiful words - I'm thinking I might print this out and put it on my fridge, because everyone needs to read this.


This really is a lovely sentiment - beautifully expressed.

Lori in Denver

So many of us have almost drowned, only to be renewed with the help of others who swam before us.


Oh wow. SO much power and meaning in such a small number of words. Wow.

once a mother

what a beautiful sentiment


WOW That is beautifully put!!!

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