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Sending you many hugs... You may find help from "Life Without Ellie", (lifewithoutellie.blogspot.com) a blog about a mom who also had to induce prior to viability. Her story is touching and may help you in your journey through this grief.

Our babies were born pre-viability and, although they lived a little while, we also struggled with finding the right words. And you have found it, too. "BORN". Your baby was born. That is what we can hold onto.

Many warm thoughts...


I'm so sorry. I will be thinking of you and your son.


I'm so sorry honey, my heart absolutely breaks for your loss. I understand, I suppose, as much as one can - my twins were born still at just shy of 20 weeks - but yet I'm still at a loss for words. I suppose I always will be, since there is no way to explain or describe this. . .

Thinking of you, and sending you ((hugs))
Here from LFCA


I will never, ever understand why families have to suffer the loss of their babies. As mothers, we are primed to hope for the future and do everything to care for and nurture our children, and some of us just don't get the chance to do it. I just wanted to send some love and some support your way. Your words are haunting, fracturing, and I cannot imagine what your soul is feeling. I'll be thinking of you.


I'm sorry for your loss. Truly from the bottom of my heart saddened by your news. You are in my thoughts.

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