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I am listening. And am filled with gratitude for your voice, and for you sharing this poem. Thank you.


Lovely poem. Thanks for posting.


While the poem is beautiful, this is one of the most perfect lines ever: "Why I thought I could avoid thinking by thinking, I don't know"


Remembering with you...

Catherine W

Thank you for sharing this poem. It is devastating and comforting all at once when things arrive to tell you that you are known.


I am so very sorry about the loss of your son. It's a singular pain, and singularly lonely, for nobody else is you, and few others grieve the individual child your grieve. And yet, there are shared understandings, insights, images. Thank you for sharing this poem.

Work... I went back to work three weeks out. An achievement and stupidity equally unmatched, in my case. I didn't think I was hiding from my grief, I thought I was taking it with me. But I had to redefine a good work day as I strove for those short bursts of productivity where I could truly concentrate on what I was doing, tiny moments where my brain worked to make connections, to find an insight. My work, too, is mostly about thinking. I guess I am saying I understand.

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