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What an ordeal. It upsets me that the system becomes less and less about taking care of people. ((((hugs))) Your #6 was particularly frustrating to read. UGH.

Catherine W

Grrrr indeed. It sounds absolutely awful, verging on the bizarre. That you have to go through all of this to see a genetics counselor. As you say, that would be a glaring obviously scam to pull it being so much fun and all.
I am incredibly grateful to live in the UK where the National Health Service, for all its faults, doesn't put us through this particular wringer. I'm so sorry, all these additional zingers are just too much.


That really blows and is totally unfair. I am so sorry. I can understand referrals in theory but it seems insane that you would need one for a preexisting relationship.


Oh my good god. I remember having to do this about 15 years ago when a dermatologist I was seeing decided to move. I had to pay another $25 co-pay to go back to the PCP and get another referral, even though they had just referred me six months earlier. So I go back, 'splain, and PCP who doesn't know me from adam and has only ever seen me once for a sinus infection, offers to put me on all the various drugs and whatnot himself -- without, I'm presuming, the constant care and supervision of a specialist who knows what the hell they're doing. I told him no thanks, I'd take my referral.

I Hope the day goes slightly better for you. I hate the explanation, even 2.5 years out. Had to go through it when asked the "how many pregnancies?" questions by a GP here who I was seeing for Poison Ivy. We have seriously shitty insurance, but at least it's a network so I don't need referrals. There really should be some "grief" clauses in there. It shouldn't be that hard to get your own effin' information.

Catherine W

I found the Stafford poem that you posted a little while ago written in my notebook. I read it and thought of you and E. Hope you are okay, okay as can be anyway. x


Catherine: Thank you for checking on me. I've been away from the blog but am trying to come back to it. Your message was a lovely welcome back.

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